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Ijaw Professionals Association Statement on Environmental Emergencies in the Niger Delta, Nigeria

2018 Agoloma Flood Disaster

Photos: Courtesy Nicholas Igarama via Ijaw Flood Control Unit Whatsapp Group

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2018 Patani Flood Disaster

Photos: Courtesy Nicholas Igarama via Ijaw Flood Control Unit Whatsapp Group

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Ijaw Flood Control Unit



(A New Leadership and Governance Initiative)


The emergence of an Ijaw society sustained in love, unity and prosperity, and living in peace and harmony with its neighbours


To ensure the enthronement of insightful, accountable and purposeful leadership and governance for the accelerated and sustainable development of Bayelsa State in particular and Ijaw land in general.

Statement of Goals and Objectives

Inspired by the ennobling vision, aspirations and development ideals espoused by theFounding Fathers of our most beloved Bayelsa State, and

Mindful that two decades since its creation, current realities dictate the enthronement of good governance and vigorous promotion of best practices in the state,

We the members of G24 – Embasara Foundation, equipped with vital lessons of history and committed to a visionary leadership and governance paradigm for our society, resolve to work with like minds to achieve this mission through all lawful means, including the following ways:

  1. Conscious efforts aimed at instituting accountable leadership and participatory governance, exalting the dignity of labour, and instilling efficient and equitable management of the State’s resources.
  2. Building a new social infrastructure for love, unity, peace and fear of God.
  3. Supporting political tolerance and social inclusion as a consistent policy..
  4. Propelling the accelerated growth and sustainable development of Bayelsa State while building upon previous successes, thereby positioning Bayelsa as The Glory of All Lands and a leading destination
  5. Fostering the emergence of a just, egalitarian, secure and prosperous society through a policy thrust of equal opportunity and social transformation.
  6. Engaging every space to reorient our people, enshrine responsible and responsive citizenship, and recognize the positive contributions of citizens.

The G24 – Embasara Foundation therefore enjoins all good people to join towards creating a critical mass to work for the foregoing ideals, dreams and vision for the great upliftment of ourselves and our children yet unborn, so that Bayelsa State and surely Ijaw nation shall truly attain to the greatest heights of glory possible.