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2017 Christian Family Dinner

Family Dinner – September 30 2017

Family Dinner – September 30 2017


Socio-Cultural Signposts

In the imagination of  millions of non-Ijaws to be Ijaw is nearly almost equivalent to being social protester. Well that is not entirely wrong, and there would not be any need to correct that impression. Indeed the Ijaws, from colonial days of both the British, but first Portuguese incursions, Ijaw have been known to be some of the best diplomats as well as war strategists.  Hence whether the name is Adaka Isaac Boro or Kenule Saro Wiwa, Ijaw people have always had a heritage to defend, a history to remake!

Development of Backwardness?

Poverty is one of the major ailments killing the Ijaw people, especially in their own Ijaw state of Bayelsa State. A visit to areas besides Yenegoa shows a total disconnect and dereliction on the part of elected officials. Investigations reveal that the history of impoverishment in the oil rich state was immediately compounded with the eating of the “forbidden fruit” thrown at particularly at local chieftains who in good old days used to be champions of their own people’s rights.

Can Ijaw people survive this strange artificially constructed suffering among their people? Tell us what you think.