We the above group, consisting of different Pro-Ijaw groups, Political Leaders, traditional leaders, businessmen and other good spirited Ijaw sons and daughters, obligated to rescue our Ijaw flood ravaged communities both in Bayelsa, Delta, Rivers, Akwa-Ibom and Edo states wishes to inform the Ijaw general public that:

1. It is true, majority of our Ijaw communities are flooded, our homes sacked and the people rendered homeless,

2. Our people’s economic mainstay; fishing and farming has been destroyed, hence, there is a great famine.

3. Our people have been exposed to different forms of diseases, wild animals, reptiles and dangerous insects that have unfortunately invaded our communities with the flood.

4. Consequently upon these unfortunate trend, we have it in authority that, Ijaw nation is facing a humanitarian crisis.

We therefore, as a group, deem it necessary to provide internally displaced persons (IDP) camps for our affected communities.

In order to carry out these necessary function, we wish to solicit for volunteers and every other form of support in the following areas:

1. Cooking team/food distribution
2. Sanitation team
3. Relief Material coordinators
4. spokesperson
5. Medical assistants.
6. Blankets.
7. Canopies to erect as emergency shelters
8. Mats and mattresses
8. Mobile toilets

We thank you for your usual support.

For Ijaw Flood Control Unit (IFCU).

Ijaw Women Connect (IWC) 0802 222 0830
Save Ijaw Nation (SIN) 0816 614 3453, 0805 708 2343
Ijaw Interest Advocates (IIA) 08143082730.
Ijaw Youths Development Association (IYDA) 0703 036 0462
Ijaw Professional Association (IPA)
Ijaw Nation Forum (INF)

See pictures from the flood devastation.