Why Ijaw Flood Control Unit?

On 22 September, 2018, social and human rights activist Rosemary Graham-Naingba, like an eagle, ready to defend her territory from marauding preys, swooped into action: again. This time it was in response to the long-advertised and much-anticipated, now recurrent flood disasters in not only Bayelsa State, but also in several other coastal communities in Nigeria. Ms. Graham-Naingba created a Whatsapp group called “Ijaw Flood Control Unit.”

There are several ways to look at the reasons for the group, Ijaw Flood Control Unit. But whichever of those reasons one must know that group does what it says in its name: control and mitigate the consequences of the recurrent flood disasters in Ijaw communities.

For some the reason for Ijaw Flood Control Unit is due in part to failures of, inadequacies and delinquencies in governance. This group believes that if government–state and local–had been effective in doing what government does in disaster-prone climes such as in Texas or North Carolina it IS supposed to do and had there been proper preparations beyond politicization or rhetoricized theatrics of leadership, the need for an “Ijaw Flood Control Unit” might have become a redundancy. Fortunately, for residents in the affected area, there is a woman who is empathetic of their plights; someone who is sympathetic with the helplessness of the social downtrodden, and who risks all to do what is RIGHT!

Overall, especially in light of the dysfunction in communication and government gross irresponsibility, most people believe that Ijaw Flood Control Unit was created as an veritable and timely intervention to the 2018 floods to allay sufferings among residents within oil-producing yet impoverished and suffering Ijaw communities. The larger purpose of the group is to seek solutions to the flood disaster, including formation of management teams across affected areas, dealing with the ensuing human crises, seeking and providing assistance on behalf of flood victims, and engaging government and non-government apparatuses on good, responsive, and responsible leadership.

Generally, Ijaw Project uses this medium to ask all organizations and good-hearted individuals to increase their generosity quotients and kindly lend direly needed help to victims of these floodings. Please call +234 802 222 0830 on ways you can help.

View picture gallery from the flooding disaster.

Photos: courtesy of Ijaw Flood Control Unit