Redials and Sundials

Essentially, the new Ijaw Project redials the sundials and phases of activism by capitalizing on emergent possibilities via information systems and networking technology.  The project invites the participation of highly skilled individuals who either have the passion for things Ijaw or desire to pursue innovative projects and ideas in technology. Join today.

Green Heart

A derivative of protestations against the histories of neglect in the Niger Delta Ijaw, the Green Heart project intentionally drives towards discovery, sustenance, and maximization of human aspirations and potentials especially among persons of Ijaw ancestry, or those interested in its heritage. Persons from all categories of training and backgrounds are welcome. Join today.

Development of Backwardness?

Poverty is a defining condition of the Ijaw people in their Ijaw state of Bayelsa. Visits to areas of the state speak volume about recklessness abandon of escapist leadership which has taken root for decades. But, available data shows that while Ijaws are known for indefatigable activism. Yet, should not charity begin at home? Lend your voice.


Put simply, the IJAW PROJECT –or IP– is an innovation- and technology-driven, ideas-based collaborative project that networks with Ijaws worldwide, to frame meaningful and progressive conversations around Ijaw history, culture, and heritage.

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Doing  GREAT things around the world…

Do you know of any Ijaw people around you who are performing great feats in their fields and professions?  Did you know that Canada’s first Olympic Gold Medal in wrestling was won by an Ijaw man named Daniel Igali?

  • Are you Ijaw?
  • Are you doing GREAT things in your field or profession?
  • Would you be interested in sharing to encourage others whereever they are?
  • If you answered “yes” to any of the above, and are really interested in changing someone’s life where they are for good…
  • Then begin here

About Us

Ijaw Project…for cultural and social histories of a people.

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