Cat 1. Fieldwork

We seek academic scholars and professionals (Nigerians and non-Nigerians alike) who are doing projects among Ijaw countryside in Nigeria, or who reside in those areas. All backgrounds–including social sciences and humanities–are welcome.

Role: Volunteers gather information on Ijaw heritage, culture, social and political history, present and past, and other ethno- and anthropological information.

Instruction: No limit on information; any information relevant to Ijaw culture/history/politics and people welcome.

Required skills: Avid and fast learner, Report writing skills, Fieldwork and interview and communication skills.


Cat 2. Publications

We seek individuals with an avid passion for documenting events and history. All backgrounds–including social sciences and humanities–are welcome.

Role: These persons will help with gathering audio/visual materials on Ijaw heritage people. Volunteers may reside any in Nigeria (Yenegoa is added advantage) elsewhere; must have access to an electronic recording device

Instruction: No limit on information; any information relevant to Ijaw culture/history/politics and people welcome.

Required skills: Flexible, Familiar with web use (email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Ark Project

Cat 3. Software developers/programmers

We seek scientists–roboticists, programmers and software developers– who are proficient with information system technology apparatuses and functionalities.

Role: This Cat. help develops products from available and researched materials  Ijaw heritage and people. Volunteers may reside anywhere in the world. Must have access to a computer and required software.

Instruction: Proficiency in more than one programming language is added advantage.

Required skills: Proficient in any of the following: PHP, JavaScript, Lisp, Prolog, Python, Objective-C, Ruby, Perl, C, C++ and C#, SQL, and Swift

Social media related tasks

Cat 4.  Human Resource/Public Relations

We seek 3 to 4 persons who are interested in helping out in the Ijaw Project public communications unit.

Required skills:

Knowledge of and proficiency in new social media mechanics, Ijaw history, culture and heritage, basic computer and design skills


This project seeks the support of individuals with reaching out.

Institutional support from colleges, institutes, universities, sociocultural groups, and organizations; local and international contacts/connection.


All positions are on a volunteer basis.  Although there are other non-financial incentives in the work, we offer no financial compensations whatsoever.  Your volunteering with this project is a demonstration of your love for it and desire for its success.

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